Festival Regulations

Article 1
The Favourites Film Festival (hereafter referred to as FFF) focuses on films from all over the world that have won Audience Awards at international film festivals. Its aim is to contribute to the circulation of festival films. There are no restrictions concerning running time or genre. FFF is a competitive festival.

Article 2
The FFF is organized by Favourites Films e.V., a registered non-profit association, located at: Stendaler Str. 4, 10559 Berlin, Germany, e-mail: info(at)fffberlin.de, website: www.fffberlin.de.

Article 3
The 9th FFF Berlin will take place in “City Kino Wedding”, Müllerstraße 74, 13349 Berlin, Germany from September 22
th to September 26th, 2021.

The 7th FFF Bremen will take place in “CITY 46”, Birkenstr. 1, 28195 Bremen , Germany from December 2th to December 5th, 2021.

Article 4
The Festival programme involves:
a) a non-specialised international competition of feature films and documentaries b) an international competition of shorts.

Article 5
The screening formats are to be specified when the film is officially invited. All selected films for all sections have to be provided with English subtitles, which is the responsibility of each participant.

Article 6
The Festival Directors, Anna Jurzik and Paula Syniawa carry out the selection of the films. The Festival Directors determine the programme schedule and set the screening order for all films. No film selected may be withdrawn from the festival programme after the producer or world sales company has officially confirmed its participation. If rights to a film are transferred to a successor in title after the selection has been made, the successor’s permission to the film’s participation in the competition shall be deemed given.

Article 7
Subtitled files of selected films must be sent to the festival prior to the festival.

Article 8
Unless negotiated otherwise, the transportation of film data and promotional materials including the insurance from the country of origin to the FFF are at the participant’s cost.

The insurance of the film data against loss or damage for the period after it is received by the FFF until its return to the delivery agent is at FFF’s cost. In case of damage or loss of a print during the FFF, the FFF is only responsible for the costs required for making a new print based on the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print. The transportation of the print or film data back to the sender is at the FFF’s cost. Complaints regarding the technical condition of a print or film data must be made within one month after its receiving.

Address for dispatch (unless agreed otherwise): FAVOURITES FILM FESTIVAL, Stendaler Str. 4, 12559 Berlin, Germany.

Article 9
For each selected film, the FFF must receive detailed documentation by March 7th (Bremen) or July 1
th (Berlin) of the respective calendar year, including: a filled out entry form, a synopsis of the film, stills of the film, a photo of the producer, a biography and filmography of the producer, a full list of artistic and technical credits. The participants are also expected to provide the FFF with an extra BluRay or DVD of the film for back up and in order to facilitate the promotion of the film during the FFF.

Article 10
The winner of the “Berlin’s / Bremen‘s Favourite” Audience Award will be elected entirely by the festival audience. After each screening the festival audience evaluates the film on a 1-5 scale. The festival team will calculate the average evaluation for each film and identify the title with the highest result as the winner. Films with less than 10 votes will not take part in the competition. The winning film will be screened once again at the last day of the festival.

Article 11
The Festival Directors decide in cases of unclear situations or cases unforeseen in these regulations.

Article 12
Participation in the FFF implies agreement with the regulations set out herein.

Anna Jurzik, Paula Syniawa Festival Directors

October 2021