About Us


The Favourites Film Festival is an audience Festival on all levels. We show selected new films, that have previously inspired film festival audiences worldwide: Films awarded by the audience, selected for the audience.

There are no restrictions concerning genre or running time: fiction films, documentaries, animated films, shorts or features are all eligible. We want to show films from as many countries as possible and especially focus on films from regions rarely to be seen on German screens.

In finding these films, we collaborate with film festivals worldwide.


We believe that film festival audiences form the best jury, when it comes to awarding moving, thought-provoking films with a story to tell. At the Favourites Film Festival Berlin the audience is given the opportunity to experience exciting cinematic discoveries and get authentic filmic insights in what curently moves different (film-)cultures.

Which topics concern filmmakers all over the world? Which films move festival audiences in other countries and on other continents? Which German films were appreciated by audiences at international festivals?