De L’Encre / Ink

Audience Award Cinema Tout Ecran, Geneva, Switzerland

Sunday - 09/02/2012
6:30 PM - Fabriktheater 
Fiction / De L’Encre / France / 2011 / Language: French / Subtitles: English / 90 Min.
Director: Mohamed Bourokba, Ekoué Labitey („La Rumeur“)
Writer: Mohamed Bourokba, Ekoué Labitey („La Rumeur“)
Producer: Canal+, La Parisienne d’Images
Cinematographer: Gilles Piquard
Editor: Linda Attab
Sound: Éric Rophe
Music: Demon
Costume Design: Frédéric Cambier, Carmen Arbues-Miro
Cast: Aurélie Avram

Nejma is a 24 year old rapper. She writes with her guts and her flow is full of rage. One day she accepts to bet he ghostwriter of Diomède, a neat and „acceptable“ slam poetry singer.
Hamé and Ékoué, leaders of the famous rap band „La Rumeur“, wrote a story about truth and lie, the hype of the artificial and conventional vs. the raw energy of the underground.