Quartette: The Sixth Sense In Four Films

Sunday - 06/23/2013
3:00 PM - City 46 



Justine, a.k.a Junior, is a 13-year-old tomboy with pimples and her own brand of humor. She’s just a tad misogynous. After being diagnosed with stomach flu, Junior’s body undergoes a bizarre metamorphosis…

Tvillingen / The Twin

Gustav is a hard working architect and a passionate free-diver. He practices holding his breath all the time; in his car, at work and even while sleeping. This results in a hissing noise which keeps his girlfriend awake. When he consults a doctor, he discovers something strange in Gustav’s throat. The consequences are both comical […]

The Bridge

As he crosses the bridge on his way home, June mysteriously arrives where he left off and finds himself stuck in an ever-repeating world. In his struggle to return home, “The Bridge” tells the story of a man’s inner journey to wake up and see the one thing he’s shut himself out of: Life.

Mwansa The Great

Mwansa The Great tells the story of an eight-year-old boy who aspires to be a hero and embarks upon a journey to prove his greatness – with unexpected consequences. The film gives a moving insight into childhood where fantasy jostles with reality as a young boy’s imagination transforms and empowers everyday life.