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Der Taktstock / The Baton

Audience Award International Student Film Festival „sehsüchte“, Potsdam, Germany

Sunday - 09/04/2011
6:30 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
Documentary Feature / Der Taktstock / Germany / 2010 / Language: German / Subtitles: English / 65 Min.
Director: Michael Wende
Producer: Michael Wende, Bernhard von Hülsen, AVE Berlin

This documentary feature is about 12 young conductors from all over the world, meeting 10 days in Bamberg (Germany) to win the worlds most honoured conducting competition. Together with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and an just with a few lines animated Baton-Designer comes a funny and experimental documentary feature about the big mystery and magic of forming music just with your hands.