free radicals1

Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film

Audience Award 13th Annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2011, USA

Sunday - 09/04/2011
2:30 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
In attendance: Director Pip, der da ist
Documentary Feature / Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film / French / 2010 / Language: English / Subtitles: None / 82 Min.
Director: Pip Chodorov
Producer: Ron Dyens, Aurélia Prévieu, Sacrebleu Productions

The artists and poets of cinema since before WWI have always been free radicals, crazy about filmmaking and pushing the artform in radical new directions. Trapped in a no man’s land, excluded both from the art world and the film industry, they boldly created a grassroots network for making and showing their films in a spirit of friendship and solidarity. They also created a profound body of work that continues to influence our culture.