Iki bulut arasinda / Under two Skies

Audience Award Festival Vidéastes recherché-es 2010, Québec, Canada

Saturday - 09/03/2011
2:30 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
Documentary Feature / Iki Bulut Arasinda / Canada / 2010 / Language: Turkish / Subtitles: English / 32 Min.
Director: Zayne Akyol
Producer: Zayne Akyol

Isminaz immigrates to Canada, leaving behind her in Turkey two of her children as well as her husband. She tells us about a woman’s sacrifice by welcoming us to her “universe”, whereas the rest of her family members on the other side of the Atlantic depict to us their lives while waiting to reunite with her. This documentary offers a touching portrait of a family united in the separation.