Tvillingen / The Twin

Audience Award Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden

Sunday - 09/02/2012
4:30 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
Fiction / Tvillingen / Sweden / 2011 / Language: Swedish / Subtitles: English / 29 Min.
Director: Gustav Danielsson
Writer: Gustav Danielsson
Producer: Gustav Danielsson
Cinematographer: Jesper Klevenås
Editor: Stefan Sundlöf, Gustav Danielsson
Sound: Jan Alvemark
Music: Felix Aneer
Production Design: Emma Dahl Madsen, Nicklas Nilsson
Costume Design: Sophia Frykstam
Cast: Oskar Danielsson-Fängström, Gustav Danielsson, Daniella Mendel-Enk, Lars-Erik Friberg

Gustav is a hard working architect and a passionate free-diver. He practices holding his breath all the time; in his car, at work and even while sleeping. This results in a hissing noise which keeps his girlfriend awake. When he consults a doctor, he discovers something strange in Gustav’s throat. The consequences are both comical as well as unpleasant.