Virgem Margarida / Virgin Margarida

Audience Award Amiens International Film Festival 2012, France

Saturday - 06/22/2013
6:00 PM - City 46 
Fiction / Virgem Margarida / Mozambique / 2012 / Language: Portuguese / Subtitles: English / 90 Min.
Director: Licínio Azevedo
Producer: Pedro Pimenta

1975, Mozambique’s rebirth. The young revolution sweeps the streets of Maputo from prostitutes and bad habits. Sent to re-education camps deep in the countryside, they are drilled to become “new women”. The purpose of the camp is to develop the proper “revolutionary spirit” in the hearts and minds of women of ill-repute through a harsh program of ideological indoctrination. Margarida, a sixteen year-old girl from the countryside, was mistakenly taken. This is their story. Women bounded by adversity.