Audience Toronto International Film Festival, 3rd Place, Canada

Saturday - 08/24/2013
8:30 PM - Freiluftkino 
Fiction / Zaytoun / UK, Israel, France / 2012 / Language: Arabic, Hebrew, English / Subtitles: English / 110 Min.
Director: Eran Riklis
Writer: Nader Rizq
Producer: Gareth Unwin, Fred Ritzenberg
Executive Producer: Simon Olswang, Albert Martinez Martin
Cinematographer: Dan Lausten, Yael Aviv
Editor: Hervé Schneid
Sound: Ashi Milo
Music: Cyril Morin
Costume Design: Hamada Atalla, Ziv Katanov
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Abdallah El Akal, Alice Taglioli, Laai Noufi, Tarik Copti, Ali Suliman, Ashraf Barhom, Mira Awad, Ashraf Farah, Joni Arbid

During the 1982 Lebanon War Israeli fighter pilot Yoni (Stephen Dorff) is shot down over Beirut and captured by the Palestine Liberation Organization. Fahed (Abdallah El Akal), a precocious young Palestinian refugee who is angered by the death of his father in an Israeli air attack, agrees to help Yoni escape and lead him out of the city if Yoni will get him over the border and back to his family’s ancestral village. As they embark on a hazardous road trip across the war-ravaged country, Yoni and Fahed move from suspicion and mutual antagonism to a tentative camaraderie as they make their way closer to the place they both call home.