Berliner Doppel

Thursday - 09/04/2014
10:30 PM - Freiluftkino 
film teams in attendance

The awkwardness and the comedy in everyday situations. Something like this could be the major theme of our these middle-lengh films from Berlin.


Am Ende der Stra├če / Where the Street Ends

Theo is 42 years old, divorced and talks to his son on the phone several hours every day. He has been working as a taxi driver in the streets of Berlin for a year. In his cab he is not only a service provider, but also listener, tourist guide and entertainer. As such he actively […]
Besuch im Wald

Besuch im Wald / The Pheasant

Jule and Tom have been celebrating Kreuzberg’s club life for years. Super geil. As new parents they have moved to the countryside just outside of Berlin. Super Geil. It is Jule’s Birthday in a few days and the couple has planned an exhilarating party under mirror balls in the old trees of their garden. Super […]