Besuch im Wald

Besuch im Wald / The Pheasant

Audience Award Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis, Germany

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Thursday - 09/04/2014
10:30 PM - Freiluftkino 
Berliner Doppel
film team in attendance
Fiction / Besuch im Wald / Germany / 2013 / Language: German / Subtitles: English / 30 Min.
Director: David Gruschka
Writer: David Gruschka
Producer: Elena Gruschka
Cinematographer: Jalaludin Trautmann
Editor: David Gruschka, Christoph Schrothjohann
Cast: Pepe Gruschka, Pheline Roggan, Nils Schulz, Katharina Thalbach, Daniel Krauss, Heinz Lieven, David Bredin, Frederick Lau

Jule and Tom have been celebrating Kreuzberg’s club life for years. Super geil. As new parents they have moved to the countryside just outside of Berlin. Super Geil. It is Jule’s Birthday in a few days and the couple has planned an exhilarating party under mirror balls in the old trees of their garden. Super geil. Super geil. But then, some unexpected visitors show up: Two former neighbours from Jule’s backwater-hometown wear out the couple’s welcome and settle in the garden with their trailer.
When initial smalltalk gives way to paranoid conversations about Scientology, the situation gradually gets out of control…

In case of rain the film will be screened in Filmrauschpalast.