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Audience Award Viennale, Vienna International Film Festival, Austria

Saturday - 09/05/2015
8:30 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
Fiction / BIRD PEOPLE / France / 2014 / Language: French, English / Subtitles: English / 128 Min.
Director: Pascale Ferran
Writer: Pascale Ferran, Guillaume Bréaud
Producer: Denis Freyd
Cinematographer: Julien Hirsch
Editor: Mathilde Muyard
Sound: Jean-Jacques Ferran
Music: Béatrice Thiriet
Production Design: Thierry François
Cast: Anaïs Demoustier, Josh Charles

French student Audrey works as a chamber maid in an airport hotel in the outskirts of Paris. Behind the windows of the hotel planes start and land continuously. A constant coming and going.

American business man Gary is just passing through on his way to Dubai. But when Audrey cleans the room a slight wind sweeps his papers from the table. Departure: Monday night. Wasn’t that yesterday? But before Audrey has time to wonder about that, something very odd, almost supernatural happens to herself.

BIRD PEOPLE is a realistic and at the same time magical film about escaping hectic everyday routines and about two people who cross paths at this anonymous place.