Audience Award Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan

Friday - 09/04/2015
11:59 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
Midnight Movie
Fiction / ISPYTANIE / Russia / 2014 / Language: no dialogue / 93 Min.
Director: Alexander Kott
Writer: Alexander Kott
Producer: Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov
Cinematographer: Levan Kapanadze
Editor: Karolina Machievska
Sound: Filipp Lamshin
Music: Alexey Aigi
Production Design: Eduard Galkin
Cast: Elena An, Danila Rassomakhin, Karim Pakachakov, Narinman Bekbulatov-Areshev

In an utterly remote corner of the USSRĀ in the Kazakh steppe, father and daughter live together in quiet but beningn company with nature and each other. One day is like the other, nothing may disturb the eternal order. It 1949, the year of the first Soviet nuclear bomb testings. One day some military vehicles appear at the horizon. And blond young man appears and falls in love with the daughter instantly. But she is already semi-betrothed to a local elder. Slowly everything is on the verge of spiraling out of control.

Director Alexander Kott has created a visually stunning and epic film without any dialogue, that sucks the viewer in with perfectly composed images of wide landscapes, foreboding glances, mysterious symbols in beautiful colors and an intoxicating sound design. A feast for the senses.