Audience Award Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Film Festival, Brazil

Saturday - 05/28/2016
4:15 PM - City 46 - Kino 2 
Documentary / JE SUIS LE PEUPLE / France, Egypt / 2014 / Language: Arab / Subtitles: English / 111 Min.
Director: Anna Roussillon
Producer: Karim Aitouna, Malik Menai, Thomas Micoulet
Cinematographer: Anna Roussillon
Editor: Saskia Berthod, Chantal Pique
Sound: Jean-Charles Bastion, Terence Meunier

In a remote village at the fertile Nile valley Farraj is following the news about the incidents at Cairo’s Tahrir square during the Egyptian revolution in 2011. The political tumults, that precede and follow Mubarak’s fall, are reflected through the eyes of the farmer and his family. Despite the hard work, there is room for jokes and mutual teasing and the farming continues. Their everyday life seems almost unaffected by the furores in the far away capital. Life goes on. But Farraj follows the events attentively and exchanges ideas with filmmaker Anna Roussillion in a sharp analytical but also accessible fashion.

Roussillion spent three years filming and almost seems like an extended member of the family at some point. The ease and candor of their conversations speaks to deep comfort in each other’s presence and makes this film much more than a chronicle of the revolution.