Seite_9_PARASOL Kopie


Publikumspreis Filmfest Amiens, Frankreich

Friday - 09/09/2016
10:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Followed by a Q&A with the director
Fiction / PARASOL / Belgien / 2015 / Language: Französisch, Spanisch / Subtitles: Englisch / 95 Min.
Director: Valéry Rosier
Writer: Valéry Rosier
Producer: Benoit Roland
Cinematographer: Olivier Boonjing
Editor: Nicolas Rumpl
Music: Manuel Roland
Cast: Julienne Goeffers, Alfie Thomson, Pere Yoko

The holiday island of Mallorca at low season: Belgian pensioner Annie has travelled here with a tourist party of elderly people in the hope of a meeting with her Internet acquaintance. Young Englishman Alfie is on a camping trip with his plump parents and searches for connection with other people of his age. Pere drives the local tourist train and tries to arrange an unforgettable birthday for his ten-year-old daughter who now lives with her mother and her new boyfriend.
In his feature debut director Valéry Rosier describes his protagonists’ tentative will for change in a melancholic-humorous tone and with subtle irony. His view on his desolate characters is always loving, he neither mocks their desires nor exhibits them in their loneliness.