Publikumspreis Torino Film Festival, Italien

Saturday - 09/10/2016
5:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Fiction / PELO MALO / Venezuela, Peru, Deutschland / 2013 / Language: Spanisch / Subtitles: Deutsch / 93 Min.
Director: Mariana Rondón
Writer: Mariana Rondón
Producer: Marité Ugás
Cinematographer: Micaela Cajahuaringa
Editor: Marité Ugás
Sound: Lena Esquenazi
Music: Camilo Froideval
Production Design: Matías Tikas
Cast: Samuel Lange, Samantha Castillo

9-year-old Julio grows up with his single mother and his baby brother in a working-class housing project in Caracas. He spends his summer holidays with his friend Niña, playing guessing games overlooking the countless balconies of the opposite high-rise buildings and preparing for the photo session for their school’s yearbook. Niña has already picked out her princess dress for the photo, but Julio’s greatest concern – besides not having the money to pay for it – is his curly head. He wants to have straight hair like a pop star. His embittered mother gets more and more annoyed by his hair fixation, since she takes it as a sign of his awakening homosexuality.
The young boy’s sorrows mirror a failed society that seems to have no place for sensitive emotions.