Audience Award Favourites Film Festival, Germany

Friday - 09/09/2016
8:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Documentary / SONITA / Iran, Deutschland, Schweiz / 2015 / Language: Englisch, Farsi / Subtitles: Deutsch / 91 Min.
Director: Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
Producer: Gerd Haag
Cinematographer: Behrouz Badrouj, Ali Mohammad Ghasemi, Mohammad Haddadi, Arastoo Givi, Torben Bernard, Parviz Arefi, Ala Mohseni
Editor: Rune Schweitzer
Music: Moritz Denis

Sonita is 19 years old and lives as an illegal immigrant in Tehran. She has last seen her mother, who remained in her homeland Afghanistan, eight years ago. Sonita dreams of becoming famous as a rapper and writes bold texts about her life as a young Afghan woman. Undeterred she pursues her goal. But then Sonita’s family wants to bring her home to sell her to an unknown husband for 8.000 Dollar. Sonita asks the filmmaker for help.
The film is not only an impressive and fascinating portrait of a charismatic and intrepid young woman, but also raises questions about the responsibility and influence of documentary filmmaking.