Seite 7_Transit Havanna

Transit Havana

Audience Award CinéDOC-Tbilisi, Georgia

Friday - 05/26/2017
7:00 PM - Cinema im Ostertor 
Followed by a Q&A with the director
Documentary / Transit Havanna / Germany, The Netherlands / 2016 / Language: Spanish / Subtitles: German / 88 Min.
Director: Daniel Abma
Writer: Alex Bakker
Producer: Iris Lammertsma, Stefan Kloos, Boudewijn Koole
Cinematographer: Johannes Praus
Editor: Jana Dugnus
Sound: Jeroen Goeijers, Alexandra Praet
Music: Alex Simu

Once a year, two doctors from Holland and Belgium come to Havana to perform sex reassignment surgeries. Fidel Castro’s niece Mariela Castro, who has long campaigned for LGBT rights in Cuba, has launched the initiative. But the wait for this life-changing opportunity is long.
After his debut film Nach Wriezen, the audience favourite at Favourites Film Festival 2015, director Daniel Abma accompanies Malú, Odette and Juani, who longingly wait for their operation and encouners a country, which, just like the three protagonists of the film, faces a turning point.

In Cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Bremen