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Audience Award Film Fest Gent, Belgium

Thursday - 05/24/2018
9:00 PM - Cinema im Ostertor 
Fiction / Home / Belgium / 2016 / Language: Flemish / Subtitles: English / 107 Min.
Director: Fien Troch
Writer: Fien Troch
Producer: Antonio Lombardo
Cinematographer: Frank van den Eden
Editor: Nico Leunen
Sound: Kwinten Van Laethem
Music: Johnny Jewel
Production Design: Jef Peremans
Cast: Sebastian Van Dun, Loïc Bellemans, Karlijn Sileghem, Mistral Guidotti, Lena Suijkerbuijk

Kevin is 17 and has just been released from the juvenile detention centre. To avoid confrontation with his father, he moves in with his aunt. A room is being prepared for him and he becomes a trainee in the company of his uncle. The adults mean well with him, but Kevin experiences their alleged affection as constriction, ignorance and paternalism.
When his cousin Sammy introduces him to his friends, Kevin meets the intimidated John. John suffers under the dictate of his mother too, which creates a bond between the two that makes them go together to the utmost.
Seldom a film has captured the tensions between parents and their growing children so atmospheric as intensely. In its impressive directness, the sensitively observant film is as merciless as a punch in the pit of the stomach.