Favourite Shorts Night

Saturday - 09/22/2018
10:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Favourite Shorts Night /

See nine entertaining audience award winning shorts from all over the world and vote for your favourite film with noisemakers and balloons!

Arr. for a Scene_FavouritesFilmFestival

Arr. for a scene

Experimental film / Finland, France 2017 / No Dialogue / 5 Min. / Director: Jonna Kina // A look behind the scenes of the most famous scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho.
joy in people_FavouritesFilmFestival

Joy in People

Mockumentary / Great Britain 2017 / English, French, Romanian / English subtitles / 15 Min. / Director: Oscar Hudson // Ben should get out more, be amongst other people, feel joy, says his therapist. Nothing simpler than that when the European Football Championship is in full swing.


Animation / Great Britain 2017 / No Dialogue / 2 Min. / Director: Anna Mantzaris // Sometimes it’s just enough. Moments of lost self-control.


Animation / Austria 2016 / No Dialogue / 3 Min. / Director: Alexander Gratzer // What do museum attendants do when they think they are alone? A snapshot.

La Persistente

Fiction / France 2018 / Dialogue / 22mn / Director : Camille Lugan// A ski resort in the French Pyrenees: Ivan loves his bike hot and heartfelt. When a local motorcycle rival takes it away, he wants to recapture it with all his passion.
FavouritesFilmFestival_The Amorous Indies

Les Indies Galantes / The Amourous Indies

Dance film / France 2017 / Without dialogue / 5 Min. / Director: Clément Cogitore A Krumping dance battle between urban culture and the classical music by Jean-Philippe Rameau on the stage of the Opéra Bastille.
Favourites_Film_Festival_DUPPY_1 Kopie


Experimental film / USA 2018 / No Dialogue / 10 Min. / Director: Justin Morris// A teenager builds fantastic, folkloric objects and trains his physical fitness to protect himself from a mysterious threat.
Seite_12und13_We're only human_FavouritesFilmFestival

We’re Human, After All

Animation / Czech Republic 2017 / No Dialogue / 17 Min. / Director: Jan Míka // It is hard, lonely and dangerous being a hare during the winter – especially in direct comparison to the comfortable life of the domestic rabbits in their stables.

La Madre Buena / The Good Mother

Fiction / Mexico 2016 / Spanish / English subtitles / 6 Min. / Director: Sarah Clift // A loving mother is determined to fulfill her son’s birthday wish: a piñata in the shape of Donald Trump.