Favourite Shorts Night

Saturday - 09/28/2019
10:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Favourite Shorts Night /

See nine entertaining audience award winning shorts from all over the world and vote for your favourite film with noisemakers and balloons!


The Box

Animation | Slovenia 2017 | No dialogue | 12 min. | director: Dušan Kastelic In a dark cardboard box, dull, slimy creatures carve out a dreary, uniform existence. Until one steps out of line.

Excuse Me, I am Looking for the Ping-pong Room and My Girlfriend

Fiction | Austria, Germany, Sweden 2018 | Swedish, English | 23 min. | director: Bernhard Wenger A young couple is on vacation in an Austrian wellness hotel. After a quarrel, the girlfriend is suddenly gone and he is left behind alone between jacuzzi and massage table.
ANIMATEUR Still 1 Kopie


Animation | Österreich 2017 | Deutsch | 4 Min. | Regie: Alexander Gratzer Auf einem entlegenen Anwesen mit Pool sucht ein Animationsfilmemacher nach Inspiration. Doch zunächst muss der Kopfsprung perfektioniert werden.


Animation | Germany 2017 | No dialogue | 8 min. | director: Robert Löbel In the new film by Wind-director Robert Löbel, two characters are inseparably connected via their hair – no step of one without consequences for the other, despite increasing distance.
Favourites Film Festival ma Planete

Ma planète

Ficition | Belgium 2018 | French | English Subtitles | 23 min. | director: Valery Carnoy Henri is a baker and has marital problems. One day he meets the photographer Anita, who likes the shape and size of his belly.
Die Andere Welt 4

Die andere Welt

Spielfilm | Deutschland 2017 | Ohne Dialog | 4 Min. | Regie: Florinda Frisardi Schwimmen durch die Straßen Berlins, virtuelle Gewächshäuser im Altenheim und künstlich am Leben gehaltene Pflanzen auf der Intensivstation. Momentaufnahmen einer technisierten Welt von morgen, in der die Natur bereits verdrängt ist.


Fiction | France 2018 | French | English subtitles | 17 Min. | director: Tatiana Vialle & Swann Arlaud Charles has a dream. He wants to get out of his dreary suburban life and into the big city. His fantasy has a name: Black Charles. Because he would prefer to be black.


Animation | Austria 2019 | German | 7 min. | director: Alexander Gratzer Rare nest inhabitants and two polar bears in a dark cave discuss existential philosophical questions of life.
All Inclusive - Still 2.jpg

All Inclusive

documentary | Switzerland 2019 | no dialogue | 10 min. | director: Corina Schwingruber Ilić The hustle and bustle aboard a luxury cruise. Without comment.