Išgyventi Vasarą | Summer Survivors

Audience Award Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania

Wednesday - 04/01/2020
7:00 PM - Cinema im Ostertor 
Opening Film
Fiction / Išgyventi Vasarą| Summer Survivors / Lithuania / 2018 / Language: Lithuanian / Subtitles: English / 91 Min.
Director: Marija Kavtaradzė
Writer: Marija Kavtaradzė
Producer: Marija Razgutė
Cinematographer: Laurynas Bareiša, Vytautas Katkus
Editor: Domas Petronis
Sound: Julius Grigelionis
Music: Domas Strupinskas
Production Design: Aurimas Akšys
Cast: Indrė Patkauskaitė, Paulius Markevičius, Gelminė Glemžaitė

Batlles of the Mind
The young and ambitious Indre comes to a psychiatric clinic for research purposes, where shortly after her arrival she is asked to drive two patients to another facility by the sea. The energetic, open-minded Paulius is in the manic phase of his bipolar disorder, while the introverted Juste silently struggles with her depressions after a suicide attempt. While the two are internally battling their illnesses, from the outside their journey looks like a summer road trip among friends. Between carefree moments of laughter and intense moments of rapprochement, there is a growing hope that anything is possible.
Marija Kavtaradzė finds a bittersweet tone for her debut film, which makes the pain of the characters palpable, but at the same makes the lightness of summer tangible.