Audience Award Winnipeg Cinemental Film Festival, Canada

Saturday - 09/25/2021
8:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Fiction / SYMPATHIE POUR LE DIABLE / France, Canada, Belgium / 2019 / Language: French / Subtitles: English / 100 Min.
Director: Guillaume de Fontenay
Writer: Guillaume Vigneault, Guillaume de Fontenay, Jean Barbe; Nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Paul Marchand
Producer: Marc Stanimirovic, Jean-Yves Robin, Nicole Robert, Pascal Bascaron
Cinematographer: Pierre Aïm
Editor: Mathilde Van de Moortel
Sound: Sylvain Bellemare, Dominique Lacour
Production Design: Sanda Popovac, Patric Valverde, Dragan Denda
Costume Design: Sanja Dzeba, Céline Guignard
Cast: Niels Schneider, Ella Rumpf, Vincent Rottiers

Young French war-correspondent in the Bosnian war

“Don’t waste your bullets, I am immortal” is written on the car of French war correspondent Paul Marchand (Niels Schneider) as he ruthlessly drives through Sarajevo – in 1992, seven months after the siege began. A Cuban cigar dangling his mouth, he moves through the besieged city with a mixture of fearlessness, provocative arrogance and journalistic sense of duty. He reports directly from battle, attends United Nations press conferences, drinks and smokes with the small war reporter community at the hotel, visits the black market, the Bosnian and Serb checkpoints, the morgue and gets to know the local music scene. When he falls in love with a local fixer (Ella Rumpf), his journalistic independence begins to crumble until one day he crosses the line and takes sides.
French-Canadian director Guillaume de Fontenay’s gripping anti-war drama Sympathie pour le diable was based on the novel of the same name by Paul Marchand, who committed suicide in Paris in 2009.