Audience Award Venice Days, Italy

Friday - 12/03/2021
9:00 PM - Kommunalkino City 46 
Fiction / 200 METERS / Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Italy, Sweden / 2020 / Language: Arabic, English, Hebrew / Subtitles: English / 97 Min.
Director: Ameen Nayfeh
Writer: Ameen Nayfeh
Producer: May Odeh
Cinematographer: Elin Kirschfink
Editor: Kamal El Mallakh
Sound: Sylvain Bellemare
Music: Faraj Suliman
Production Design: Bashar Hassuneh
Costume Design: Fairouze Nastas
Cast: Ali Suliman, Lana Zreik, Anna Unterberger, Motaz Malheez

Beyond the Wall

Mustafa and his wife live 200 meters apart in two different villages, separated by the nine-metre-high concrete wall between Israel and the West Bank. Visits are only possible until the checkpoints close every night, so it has become a ritual for the couple and their three children to greet each other goodnight with light signals from window to window. One day, the son is injured in a car accident and is hospitalised on the Israeli side. Mustafa immediately rushes to the next checkpoint, but is turned away due to expired papers. He decides to take the illegal route across the border. In a cramped smuggler’s car that Mustafa shares with a German documentary filmmaker, her Palestinian protagonist and a young migrant worker, the 200-meter distance turns into a 200-kilometer odyssey.