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Del otro lado / On the Other Side

Audience Award: CinéLatino - 34es rencontres de Toulouse, France

Saturday - 09/24/2022
8:00 PM - City Kino Wedding 
Documentary / On the Other Side / Columbia, Spain / 2021 / Language: Spanish / Subtitles: English / 83 Min.
Director: Iván Guarnizo
Writer: Iván Guarnizo, Nuria Polo
Producer: Jorge Caballero, Pablo de la Chica
Cinematographer: Carlos Villaoslada
Editor: Ariadna Ribas, Iván Guarnizo
Sound: Alejandro Castillo
Music: Nicolás Muñoz M.
Cast: Güérima, Papeto Guarnizo, Martin Guarnizo, Juliana Guarnizo, Liliana Guarnizo, Manuela Diaz Guarnizo

Since the 1960s, the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, engl. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) has been waging an armed struggle against the Colombian state, and also regularly kidnapping civilians. After the conclusion of a ceasefire was announced in 2016, two brothers decide to venture on a long journey. They want to find the guerrillas who held their mother captive for two years. Using detailed diary entries from her time in captivity, they track down the places in the jungle where their mother had lived with her kidnappers. Before her death, their mother had forgiven her captors and the brothers are driven to wonder if perhaps they too will be able to forgive the people who caused them and their mother so much pain.
Del otro lado takes the audience on an extraordinary journey into the depths of the Colombian jungle and is an impressive testimony to forgiveness after decades of violence.