Sven nicht jetzt wann dann

Favourite Shorts Night

Saturday - 11/19/2022
10:00 PM - Kommunalkino City 46 
Favourite Shorts Night /

See nine entertaining audience award winning shorts from all over the world and vote for your favourite film with noisemakers and balloons!


In the Upper Room

Animation | Austria, Hungary 2022 | English | German subtitles | 8 Min. | Director: Alexander Gratzer A little mole regularly visits his blind grandpa. The seasons change, both grow older and important questions arise.

Fantasma Neon | Neon Phantom

Musical | Brazil 2021 | Portugese | English subtitles | 20 Min. | Director: Leonardo Martinelli João, a delivery man, dreams of owning a motorcycle. Then everything would be fine, just like in a musical.

Five Cents

Animation | USA 2022 | English | 5 Min. | Director: Aaron Hughes A consumer finds himself in over his head after a string of purchases gets out of control.
wir sprechen auch heute noch deustch

Wir sprechen heute noch Deutsch

Experimentalfilm | Germany 2019 | German | English subtitles | 16 Min. | Director: Clara Winter, Miguel Ferráez Phrases from a course that migrants must take to integrate into German culture staged in front of German institutions and companies abroad.

Ja, ich bin ein Mann (“Auto” by Klitclique)

Music video | Germany 2020 | German | English subtitles | 3 Min. | Director: Elin Laut
 Exploring toxic masculinity and masculinity as performance in public spaces.
Les Liaisons foireuses

Les Liaisons foireuses | Inglorious liaisons

Animation | Belgium, France 2021 | French | English subtitles | 12 Min | Director: Violette Delvoye, Chloé Alliez Tonight Lucie, Maya and their buddies throw a party. An alcoholic evening with rousing music that gets the hormones pumping.

Quarantine Mood

Dokumentary | Italy 2020 | Italian | English subtitles | 5 Min. | Director: Alessandro Marinelli Rome during the first lockdown in the spring of 2020 and the view over the roofs of the city.
Screenshot_2022-08-25 Haut les coeurs (2021)

Haut les cœurs | The Right Words

Fiction | France 2021 | French | English subtitles | 15 Min. | Director: Adrian Moyse Dullin A love confession at the bus stop. Live on social media.
Sven nicht jetzt wann dann

Sven nicht jetzt, wann dann…? | If not now, then when

Animation | Deutschland 2021 | Deutsch | UT: Englisch | 3:30 Min. | Regie: Jens Rosemann It’s a beautiful summer day at the swimming pool. Today Sven will jump from the diving board! Now is the perfect time! Or is it…?