Audience Award Cine Las Americas International Film Festival Texas, USA

Thursday - 09/03/2015
10:30 PM - Filmrauschpalast 
European Premiere
Fiction / O ÚLTIMO CINE DRIVE-IN / Brazil / 2014 / Language: Portuguese / Subtitles: English / 100 Min.
Director: Iberê Carvalho
Writer: Iberê Carvalho, Zepedro Gollo
Producer: Pablo Peixoto
Cinematographer: André Carvalheira
Editor: J. Procópio, Iberê Carvalho
Sound: Marcos Manna, Miriam Bidermam, Ricardo Reis
Production Design: Maíra Carvalho
Cast: Othon Bastos, Breno Nina, Rita Assemany, Fernanda Rocha, Chico Sant’anna, Mounir Maasri, Zécarlos Machado, André Deca, Vinícius Ferreira, Rosana Viegas

When his mum has to undergo treatment in the hospital, young Marlombrando accompanies her to the city of his childhood. He doesn’t know anybody her besides his estranged father Almeida, so he gets in touch with him again after many years. Grumpy Almeida has been running an old drive-in theater here for decades and loves his cinema dearly, even though nobody except his two equally crotchety employees seems to care for the films anymore. But Almeida insists on projecting a film every night. When Marlombrando returns to the magical place of his childhood, the threat of demolishing the rundown concrete desert is hanging over their heads…

O ÚLTIMO CINE DRIVE-IN is celebrating its European premiere at the 5th Favourites Film Festival Berlin. It is not only a passionate declaration of love for cinema itself but also an ode to second chances. .